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Shift Management

Leave Online


Advance Payroll


Various attendance capabilities

Set clock-in points both at the office and off-site locations, with support for diverse time-logging

Work from Anywhere

Meeting the needs of the changing organizational culture, enhancing freedom and efficiency for modern employees in a hybrid or remote work environment

Supports retroactive time logging

In case of emergencies leading to missed clock-ins, the HR system provides added flexibility for employees to log time retroactively. Employees can specify reasons and request approval from their supervisors

Instant access to time-logging reports

Enhance convenience in accessing real-time time logging results, both on the website and the HumanOS app, under the Daily Report menu

Flexible Hour

Set individual and group-based employee clock-in and clock-out times, accommodating businesses with shift rotations, such as factories, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and retail sales staff in shopping malls, and more

Adjustable according to organizational structure

Customizable work shift management format according to organizational policies, with options for team or departmental divisions, and work on weekdays or weekends

Cross-departmental shift swapping is available on both regular workdays and holidays

Able  to swap shifts for individual employees across departments, whether on regular workdays or holidays, with immediate enforcement upon system approval

Support up to 4 shifts per day

The system supports up to 4 shifts per day, along with automatic calculation of regular hours, overtime, and OT rates. Results are displayed instantly through the app

Leave Online

Quick and responsive with the online leave system, where employees can request leave themselves and immediately seek approval from their supervisors 

Online Leave Notification

Supports Advance and Retroactive Leave Requests: Submit leave requests online, attach medical certificates, and even apply for retroactive leave. Once approved, the leave status is updated instantly

Supervisors can approve online leave requests instantly

The system will notify approved leave through notifications. Employees can quickly check their leave status and easily export report results

Flexible leave customization

Flexible leave type adjustment and customization, including versatile leave conditions. Ability to carry forward remaining leave balances across years and real-time checking of available leave balances

Employee Self - Service

With HumanOS, employees can manage various documents themselves, adapting to the changing world of work. This enhances convenience, preserves benefits, and eliminates the need to wait for HR staff to handle tasks, similar to traditional HR systems. Additionally, employees can independently manage documents as needed

Expense Request, Overtime and Certificate
Employee self service via Smartphone
Approved instantly, along with a notification system, such as alerting when documents are about to expire.
Advanced Payroll Calculation

Eliminate numerical errors and underscore the professionalism of the organization with an accurate and precise automatic payroll calculation system, thus preventing allegations that may arise from manual calculations

Accurately calculate absences, leaves, and tardiness.
Manage income, deductions, and automatically calculate taxes.
Request documents through the system without waiting.
Real-time Reports

The system allows instant verification of attendance records, leaves, and overtime, enabling swift and accurate processing. This saves time in management and offers flexible display options for results. Additionally, reports can be exported for further salary processing

A variety of report formats are available
No need to waste time exporting data
view the conditions in one click

Other tools that elevate HR tasks to the next level

Employee probation assessment system.

Personnel recruitment assistance & performance evaluation metrics.

Asset management system

Instant record keeping/holder verification.

Training history record-keeping

Upskill / Reskill with instant data verification

Income/expenses addition

Adding income, deductions, regular expenses, scholarship funds, ETC.

Professional HR Solutions

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The total salary calculation last year.

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E – Slip Online

HumanOS: An easy-to-use and fully functional HR system on the cloud

Transform your organization with a human resources system that meets the demands of the modern business era. Reduce HR workload, increase employee convenience, streamline processes, and enhance organizational competitiveness, all within budgetary reach.

We provide support for every setup process,starting from the initial use of the system

We believe that excellent service, easy accessibility, and a commitment to continuous self-improvement are our strengths. We are always ready to listen to customer feedback and use it to develop and improve the HumanOS HR system. This ensures that our system constantly evolves to meet the changing needs of our customers

Move forward efficiently with the powerful HR Solution system.

Suitable for every organization, regardless of scale or industry, no matter how your organization conducts business.

User friendly

  • Easy to use, straightforward
  • constantly updated to stay current.

Standardized, secure, and reliable

  • Operates on a trusted cloud platform.
  • ISO 29110 standards in 2023

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HRM for Compliance Regulation – Elevating HR Operations: The Fundamental Backbone of an Organization Before Entering the Stock Market

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HumanOS – HRM: A Highly Flexible HR Software with a Quality Team Ready to Provide Guidance and Customize Functions to Suit Our Company’s Needs



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HumanOS is the application for employees attedance i.e. clock in/out, simply installed in your mobile devices. This application can support for normal work, shift work and over time work. Using HumanOS, there is no need to have any aditional hardware e.g. finger print recogniton HD for Clock in/out
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