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What is HumanOS ?

HumanOS is the application working on both mobile devices and web platforms for human resource management, Salary Calculation, Payroll, Payroll report, Tax and Pay slip online

Are there any required hardware to support HumanOS ?

No, users just install HumanOS in their mobiles or use HumanOS via website

What are the version of mobile device can be used ?

HumanOS can be applied in Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and iOS 9.0 onward

What is the distance for GPS in HumanOS attendance function can be detected ?

Clock in/out can be detected not over than 100 meters

Is it possible for employees to clock-in form home ?

 No, This is impossible, since HumanOS allow users to check in within 100 meters

If i have the outside booths/events, can i still use HumanOS for attendance ?

Yes, Of course. HumanOS provides “Beacon” for 3-5 meters