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All Function for Clock In / Clock Out

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  • Clock in/out
  • Sick leave with medical certification attachment
  • Private and other leaves notification and approval
  • Employees time Table Recording

Feature of HumanOS

GPS/Beacon TimeAttendance

Create accurate attendance records with standard and overtime shifts using a mobile device, reducing hardware costs while simplifying payroll calculations


Send and receive notifications instantly using any device with the HumanOS HR system installed

Job Table

Create weekday and weekend work timetables for permanent staff, temporary employees and subcontractors to maximise attendance efficiency

Retroactive work records

Enable employees to request edits to work records for supervisors to approve, minimising the risk of payroll, attendance tracking and reporting errors

Job Detail

Track timesheets and daily attendance with real-time reports containing pictures and text

Online Leave Application

Request holidays and leave time using the HumanOS Online Leave Module and receive approval directly on the app

Expense Records

Attach receipts, details and notes to individual expenses and generate expense reports with ease. HumanOS can also be configured to include expenses in payroll reports.

Payroll Calculations

Automate the calculation of tax payments while streamlining payroll processing and administration. Generate accurate payroll reports, government reports and bank files in just a few clicks.

Picture & Signature Attachment

Allow your clients and offsite stakeholders to confirm completed tasks, such as deliveries or installations. Employees can attach photo evidence to completed job items on HumanOS using their mobile devices.

Attendance History

Analyse attendance records in terms of normal working hours and overtime to find ways to reduce payroll costs and maximise workplace efficiency

Leave Request and Approval

Holidays can be requested and approved in just a few clicks, enabling you to maintain accurate records and minimise errors.

Export Reports

Save exported reports as Excel files, enabling you to access them wherever and whenever you like. All HumanOS reports are created using real-time data


Clock In – Clock Out

With HumanOS, employee can record time for field work via mobile within 100 meters of the specific location.



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Face Recognition


Accuracy Data using Beacon

for the accuracy of the time recording, HumanOS users “Beacon” function. Users record clock in for work within 2 meters which is very accurate for the office located in big building

Employee Profile

Improve Workplace Collaboration

  • Promote collaboration between employees and departments
  • Increase the efficiency of communications with an easy-to-use digital platform
  • Seamlessly integrate employee data with existing digital solutions with Excel file importing and exporting
    • Empower employees to check, edit and monitor their own information
    In-App Notifications

    News and Announcements

    • Share company updates and upcoming events with your team
    • Inform your team of new company policies, processes, and activities
    • Send instant notifications for approval to supervisors
    • Inform employees and supervisors or request statuses

    Job detail

    Save Job Detail

    Create weekday and weekend work timetables for permanent staff, temporary employees and subcontractors to maximise attendance efficiency


    employee can record time for field work via mobile within 100 meters of the specific location.

    Attach picture and signature

    Employees can attach photo evidence to completed job items on HumanOS using their mobile devices.


    rating system to assess customer satisfaction

    Normal shift and overtime payroll calculations

    Support normal shift and Overtime shift

    HR staff can be able to specify the timing of the normal shift and overtime shift for each employee. This function allow users to pre-calculate the wage in advance.


    Support retroactive work records

    Incase the incorrect work records, HumanOS allow users to correct or retroactive the work records by getting the authorization form the superiors.

    Leave online

    Online leave request

    Employees can be able to submit online leave applications, medical certification attachment and checking leave entitlement.

    Leave online

    Instant leave application approvals

    When an employee requests time off, managers will receive a notification on the HumanOS app, which can be approved or rejected instantly.



    Expense Records

    Manage expenses ex. Taxi fee, traveling fee depend on company policies


    Timesheet calculator

    Timesheet calculator and expense ex. taxi fee, Traveling fee, depended on company policies


    Support export E-Slip

    Support export Salary report and can be able to check salary detail via HumanOS Application



    All reports can be exported instantly

    The HumanOS HR application produces a wide variety of summary reports using real-time data.

    Attendance Reports

    This report displays the daily attendance of all employees.

    Work Summary

    An attendance report displayed as a bar graph.

    Leave Details

    A summary of approved leave requests in a selected month.

    Duplicate Device

    The HumanOS time attendance system saves all employee data in case a staff member switches to a new device. Managers are notified of device changes.

    Work Summary

    A summary of total hours worked, number of working employees and any absences.

    Leave Summary

    A summary of leave applications and number of absences on an annual basis.


    A report that highlights all expenses that have been approved.


    This shows employee attendance and locations, which can be viewed on Google Maps.

    Calendar Attendance

    An intuitive report that displays attendance records over a given timeframe.

    Overtime report

    Overtime report is the real time report showing the employee overtime in monthly basis.

    Overtime Reports

    A record of all employee overtime requests and worked hours on a monthly basis

    HumanOS is the application for employees attedance i.e. clock in/out, simply installed in your mobile devices. This application can support for normal work, shift work and over time work. Using HumanOS, there is no need to have any aditional hardware e.g. finger print recogniton HD for Clock in/out
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