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HumanOS is the application for employees attedance i.e. clock in/out, simply installed in your mobile devices. This application can support for normal work, shift work and over time work. Using HumanOS, there is no need to have any aditional hardware e.g. finger print recogniton HD for Clock in/out


HumanOS is the all in one application for employees’ checking in/out. With no limit time free trial, you can start using HumanOS right us away for 10 user

  • Clock in/out
  • Sick leave with medical certification attracment.
  • Private and other leaves notification and approval.
  • Employees time Table Recording.

Clock in/out using GPS Location

With HumanOS, employee can record time for field work via mobile within 100 meters of the specific location.

Accuracy Data using Beacon

for the accuracy of the time recording, HumanOS users “Beacon” function. Users record clock in for work within 2 meters which is very accurate for the office located in big building. 

Support normal shift and Overtime shift

เจ้าหน้าที่สามารถกำหนดช่วงเวHR staff can be able to specify the timing of the normal shift and overtime shift for each employee. This function allow users to pre-calculate the wage in advance.

Real time reports

With real-time re-check the working records, users will be able to plan their leave promptly. HumanOS provides the vacations and the activites calendar.

For management level, the superiors can also be able to see the subordinate’ work records and be notified for the leaving.

Support retroactive work records

Incase the incorrect work records, HumanOS allow users to correct or retroactive the work records by getting the authorization form the superiors.

Support online Leave Application

Employees can be able to submit online leave applications, medical certification attachment and checking leave entitlement.

Manager can approve leave immediately

When any leave application has been submitting, HumanOS os going to notify the superior immediately for the approval.

Picture&Signature Attechment

Daily recording working data using picture and text.

Simply use HumanOS

With the GPS system, easy to use for all levels
Accuracy with Beacon functions.

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  • Free trial 10 users for all HumanOS functions.
  • Support real time HR management


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