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The task of computing salary, employee benefits, document submission, tax filing, and managing various expenses is crucial and requires a high level of accuracy and precision. Despite submitting and handling documents ourselves each time, there is still a significant chance of errors occurring. Let’s HumanOS support yo to reduce this error and workload.

HR Challenges

The main challenges that HR departments often face are related to managing a multitude of employee data, which can be as complex as a labyrinth such as problems with processing leave documentation, miscalculations in salary computations, overpayments or underpayments. These issues can be compounded if there is no supportive system in place and reliance on manual data recording persists. Such practices can make the workflow susceptible to errors, potentially leading to delays in the future. The ramifications may extend endlessly, causing subsequent problems that seem never-ending.

As the time comes to submit various document files, whether it’s a text file for delivering salary information to the bank for employee payments, submitting different tax documents to revenue agencies, social security contributions, or any other documents that need to be processed and sent in various segments, wouldn’t it be better if there was a supporting system in place? A system that aids and supports the workflow of personnel, reducing the burdensome workload, enhancing convenience and swiftness, and ultimately boosting efficiency. This would free up time to focus on developing capabilities in other areas.

HumanOS Addresses HR Challenges

HumanOS is designed to cater to HR tasks comprehensively. It automatically calculates salaries, overtime pay, deductions for tardiness and absenteeism, tax withholdings, social security contributions, provident fund deductions, tax exemptions, and other expenses. It also prepares data seamlessly for onward submission to revenue departments, social security offices, and banks for employee salary transfers, among others. For employees, it offers the convenience of accessing digital pay-slips and documents on their smartphones, allowing them to view up to 50 documents digitally. Additionally, employees have the option to download and store these files for future reference.

Real-Time Document Export with HumanOS

After calculating monthly salaries, HumanOS system supports various document submissions including:

  1. Bank Data Submission: Supports data submission in Text file formats to the banks.
  2. Payroll Slip Printing: Enables printing of payroll slips for employees. Alternatively, employees can view detailed payroll information through the application, even after the payroll period has closed.
  3. Withholding Tax (PND 1) Submission: Supports data submission in Text file format to the new revenue department system ‘RD Prep,’ or PDF files can also be used for submission.
  4. Withholding Tax (PND 3) Submission: Supports data submission in Text file format to the new revenue department system ‘RD Prep,’ or PDF files can also be used for submission.
  5. Social Security Fund Submission: Supports contribution (SPS 1-10) submission using PDF files. Additionally, facilitates data submission through the electronic service system (e-Service) using Excel files.
  6. SPS 1-03 Registration Form: For individuals who have never registered or need to update their social security registration, employers can submit employee registration data to the social security office.
  7. SPS 6-09 Termination Notice: Employers can notify employee terminations along with reasons using the termination notification form (SPS 6-09), required to be submitted by the 15th day of the month.”

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