Probation Evaluation Through “HumanOS”

The probation process is one of a crucial step to obtain new employees that match to our organization. Probation period helps organizations determine if candidates have abilities and fit to work within the organization or not. It is a period for employer to assess the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the new comers whether they can perform their assignments effectively or not, full article here:

The probationary period allows employers to assess the skills and qualifications of applicants during actual job performance to determine if the new employees’ preferences align with the businesses. This probationary phase provides an opportunity to identify and address any issues that may happen in the early stages of employment. It allows both employers and new employees to determine for some additional training or termination if necessary.

Probationary Evolution on HumanOS

To enhance the efficiency of probation evaluations, HumanOS, an HR Solution on the cloud, has developed a new function that notifies supervisors and HR for the timing to assess new employees. This assessment function can be scheduled within the system to ensure timely reminders. The evaluation format via HumanOS can accommodate various types of employee assessments, whether for regular employees or probationary ones. Users can create evaluation topics and set criteria for each assessment. And these assessments can be conducted online, with the results accurately and precisely shared and displayed.

  • Create a Diverse Range of Assessment Forms
  • Supports the Evaluation of Both Temporary and Permanent Employees
  • Establish Criteria for Employee Evaluation and Grading
  • Conduct Assessments Online
  • Accurately Compile and Present Results
  • Ability to Collect and Record Assessment Results for Future Reference
  • Enhance Employee Evaluation Efficiency

This new function from HumanOS can make your “Probation Evaluations” much more easy and convenient. In addition, having clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for selecting new employees in each position can also be set separately in HumanOS. This is an efficient tool to help measuring an employee’s capabilities, determining if newly hired employees can perform their assigned tasks responsibly and integrate effectively into the organization.

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