The new function ‘Asset Management System’ is now ready for use.

The new ‘Asset Management System‘ on HumanOS is now ready to use on the platform. Asset data will be stored in the cloud, supporting asset categorization. Making administrators easily to access and allowing to view asset records and check their status at any time can reduce burdensome for asset management .

  1. Supports categorization of asset listings for systematic classification and convenient data viewing. Administrators can choose to view asset listings based on the recorded asset categories.
  2. Allows recording of asset ownership and returns by employees. Administrators can check the current status and holders of assets from this menu.
  3. Records reasons for asset returns to maintain asset history. For example, when an employee resigns from the company and returns assets, they can specify the reason for the return. This provides users with asset status details in advance and enhances continuous asset management.
  4. Records assets currently held, managed, or used by employees, enabling systematic asset management. The company can check the status, history, and generate reports on which employees own what assets.
  5. Facilitates the process of requesting asset returns to the company. Officers must record complete and accurate information about the returned assets.

Ready for use.
HumanOS customers can now request to enable the ‘Asset Management System’ function. Simply notify the HumanOS admin via Line Add Friends:

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