How to work happily – I Love my job
  • Start with a clear goal; you don’t have to follow others, just pursue what your heart desires.
  • Cut out things that are unimportant and irrelevant to your objectives.
  • There’s no need to rush all the time; take breaks, relax, and if you’re still not happy, take a moment to pause and reflect.
  • Try something new and step out of your comfort zone to move forward.

These days, we spend more time working. The workload has become heavier, thinking that it will lead us to success and happiness in life. Many people in this era can relate to this sentiment. However, as a result, many individuals find themselves unhappy with their work, as they must sacrifice time with their family and have little time left for relaxation and unwinding.

Know your goals first.

Following others blindly without finding our own happiness is not the way to go. If we keep doing what others do, we may end up feeling obligated to follow their every move. Take some time to have a conversation with yourself and ask what your true goals are in your work. Do you want to excel in this field? Or do you aspire to do something that can change the world? It’s seeing the ultimate destination that helps us understand ourselves better and makes finding happiness easier.

Cut out what is unimportant!

Once we know our goals, we can understand what doesn’t belong in our lives and simply let it go. Often, this might manifest as a sense of weariness in our work, feeling stuck in repetitive tasks. When such feelings arise, it’s essential to find ways to address and remedy them.

Avoid rushing all the time, and take some time to relax.

Many times, our distress doesn’t solely come from disappointment but from the constant pursuit of more even after achieving something. To find more happiness, we should allow ourselves to unwind, live a more flexible life, release the accelerator pedal, and take short breaks. By doing so, we will feel relieved from anxiety and gain a different perspective.

Just relaxing may not be enough;

Sometimes, taking a complete break might be better. If simply unwinding from work doesn’t bring us happiness, consider taking a real break. Instead of dedicating all our time to work, try to live life casually, have fun, and engage in activities that genuinely interest us. This can help rejuvenate our energy and foster creativity.

Experiment with new things and step out of your Comfort Zone.

If taking a break doesn’t lead to improvement and we find ourselves stuck in the same old routine, it’s essential to find happiness in trying something new in life. We often tend to believe that what we are doing or have is the best because it feels safer than venturing into the unknown. However, let’s not forget that our brains are designed to constantly learn and explore new things.

Understand the feelings of others.

All the previous points were about doing things for ourselves, but wouldn’t it be better if we are happy, and those around us are happy too? Let’s try to understand and empathize with the people close to us, whether they are colleagues, bosses, or subordinates. Maintaining good relationships like this will not only improve our work but also increase our overall efficiency.

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