4 Ways to Check; Let HumanOS Assist to Improve HR Efficiency

HR Solution can significantly help reduce HR workload, for examples: Employee Attendance Management: HR Solution can assist in tracking and managing employees’ attendance, including their clock-in and clock-out times. Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Management: HR Solution can efficiently handle and organize HR-related information, streamlining the management of human resources. Payroll and Benefits Administration: HR Solution can streamline the process of managing payroll and various employee benefits.

  • Contact: Check your colleagues’ contacts easily e.x. mobile no., e-mail addresses, whatApp account.
  • Check Quota for leave application: Instantly check employees’ remaining leave days through the application.
  • Update all activities: such as absences, leave, and tardiness, on the Calendar.
  • Easily inspect employees from multi working sites: to inspect and visit multi work place, HumanOS allows to select and use GPS to navigate promptly.

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