Multi-Cycles for Salary Payment on HumanOS

Calculating salaries and determining pay periods are crucial tasks. Wouldn’t it be great to have an HR solution that can automate salary calculations and offer flexible pay period options? With HumanOS, you can pay salaries on for multi-cycles (more than one time per month), reducing repetitive tasks, minimizing errors, and saving time.

Payroll and Benefits Management:

The system can automatically calculate salaries, overtime pay, deductions for late arrivals or absences, tax withholdings, social security contributions, provident fund deductions, tax exemptions, and other expenses. It also prepares data for submission to tax authorities, social security offices, and banks for salary transfers to employees. Employees can view their digital salary slips and documents on their smartphones, and they can also download and store the files.

Flexible Payment cycles Options:

HumanOS supports organizations with different payment cycles e.x. daily or monthly employees:

  • Pay every 10 days
  • Pay every 15 days
  • Pay every 30 days

Having an efficient solution helps HR teams work more effectively, choose the most suitable system, and free up time for developing new skills. It allows HR to focus on employee development and enables reskilling and upskilling initiatives that benefit future business operations.

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