EXPORT P.N.D.3 immediately! The new feature from humanOS

Managing tasks related to salary calculations, employee benefits, document submission, tax filing, and other expenses is crucial and requires a high level of accuracy. Even if we manually submit and send documents each time, errors can still occur.

What is P.N.D.3

P.N.D.3 is a submission form used to report withholding tax at source for juristic persons (companies) conducting transactions with individuals. Business owners (juristic persons) are required to withhold taxes from payments made to external individuals who provide services to the company.

When to Submit P.N.D.3

should be submitted when there are withholdings made during the month by the 7th day of the following month. If no individuals or companies were subject to withholding in a particular month, then there’s no need to submit. However, if submitted online, the deadline can be extended by 8 days (until the 15th), and submissions can be checked retroactively for 3 days.

HumanOS, our system, can now automatically generate the P.N.D.3 form after salary calculations. HR personnel can easily export the P.N.D.3 form by clicking a link in the menu. This feature reduces potential errors from manual tax calculations, providing convenience in financial tasks for HR staff.”

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