July 3rd – International Plastic Bag Free Day.

On July 3rd every year, it coincides with International Plastic Bag Free Day, which aims to raise global awareness about the environmental problems caused by single-use plastic behavior. This behavior leads to pollution and threats to life on this planet.

According to data from Zero Waste Europe, plastic bags are typically used for an average of just 25 minutes but can take 100-500 years to decompose (depending on the type of plastic). On average, approximately 1 million plastic bags are used worldwide every minute, resulting in massive waste that often ends up in our oceans, posing challenges for disposal.

Looking in Thailand specifically, data from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment indicates that Thailand produces and uses approximately 45,000 million plastic bags per year. Today could be another day to stimulate awareness and encourage us to reduce or stop using plastic bags before our world is further harmed.

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